Ampleforth Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes

15 December 2019


The Ampleforth Abbey Trustees have made the following 3 appointments recently

Caroline Joy as Chair of the Ampleforth Lourdes Hospitalité with effect from the end of this year’s Pilgrimage for an initial period of 3 years. This position is non-executive and its main responsibilities are to chair the formal Meetings of the Ampleforth Lourdes Hospitalité Committee and to give regular support and occasional challenge to the Director, as required.

Thyrza Gaynor and Michael Kenworthy-Brown as Honorary Presidents of the Ampleforth Lourdes Hospitalité for the next 3 years of Pilgrimage. This is mainly a position of honour and the sole responsibility of the role is to distribute the 5 and 25 Year Medals of our Hospitalité before the Mass of Anointing held at the Cité St Pierre during each Pilgrimage.

It is my very great pleasure to thank the Ampleforth Abbey Trustees for making these “abbatial” appointments and to congratulate each of the above on their appointment. I am confident that they will carry out their various responsibilities with distinction.

I will say a little more about the appointment process and the individual appointments in the June Newsletter of our Hospitalité.

Paul Williams


Ampleforth Lourdes Hospitalité