Ampleforth Hospitalité of Our Lady of Lourdes

28 September 2020

The Prayer Network

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Our Prayer Network was formed to help continue the prayer life of the pilgrimage throughout the year – not just for the one week we are actually in Lourdes. Its membership, which now numbers over 100, is open to anyone who has come on our pilgrimage either as a Hospital Pilgrim or a Pilgrim in the Hotels. The network also keeps previous pilgrims who are unable to come to Lourdes in touch and made them feel that they are still taking an active part in the pilgrimage activities.

The principle of the network is to support each other in prayer in anyway we can. Anyone who is a member of the Hospitalité can ask for us to pray for their intention, which can be a simple 'special intention' if they wish to keep the details to themselves. Or a more detailed request for illness, death of a named member of your family or friend, etc. It is also nice to be asked to join in prayers of thanksgiving, arrival of new babies, etc.

Should you wish to ask for prayers there are two methods of contact. By e-mail to:

Please note that this address is for prayer requests only. The second method is by telephone or letter to:

Sara Stueart-Fielding

If you can use email this is, of course, the quickest and cheapest way, but we do have members who are happy to receive the information by post. No charge is made!

Should you wish to join the Network and support members who ask for your prayers, or wish to ask more about how we operate and the commitment you wish to make just contact Sara who will be available to talk to you at anytime during the Pilgrimage, or afterwards.

We would very much welcome your prayers and support.